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Ryzen 3: A Look into the Best Budget Processor for Gaming

Ryzen 3, the King of Budget Gaming CPUs The Ryzen 3 1200 and Ryzen 3 1300X launched on July 27. Since their release, they’ve dominated the budget gaming CPU market and have rendered Intel’s i3 lineup useless. For quite a long time, Intel CPUs were the way to go. Ryzen 7 and Ryzen 5 changed the game, beating just about all of team blue’s competitors.  Ryzen 3 is no different, bringing incredible performance at a great price. Prior to the launch of the Ryzen 3 line, the Pentium G4560 was a popular choice for gamers on a budget. It was really the only good budget gaming CPU on the market, as the new Pentium’s hyperthreading blurred the lines between Pentium and the core i3 line. Intel’s Pentium CPUs were rocking two physical cores without hyperthreading prior to the Pentium G4560’s release. The 7 th generation of Intel CPUs was a first step in the right direction, as the Pentium line finally featured hyperthreading.  Each core can process two threads at once; in o

All that's in the Upcoming Moto X4

Moto X4: When is it coming? The release date of Lenovo's Moto X4 draws near as tipster Andri Yatim provided several reports on the release date of Moto G5S Plus, Moto X4, and Moto Z2. According to him, the phones would be released by the end of summer ( expectedly, June 30 ). Moto X4 Design Yatim also provided quite a lot of other details regarding the Moto X4. According to him, the phone will have a posh build and will be priced higher than the GS5. It will reportedly have a glass front and back and will be surrounded by a metal body. The new Moto X4 is expected to feature a 5.2 inch Full HD display with multi-touch with the latest Android version, that is, 7.0 (Nougat). What's going to be inside the Moto X4 According to the latest leaks, the Moto X4 has 13 MP dual rear camera with 2160p video quality and offers an internal storage of 32 GB with an external SD slot of 256 GB. It may also have a model with 64 GB storage option. The rear cameras will have len

Snapdragon 845: There is going to be Big Changes

Snapdragon and Qualcomm: No more together Snapdragon is the semiconductor designed and marketed by Qualcomm used in mobile devices of various systems including Android and Windows. These semiconductors are also used in wearable devices and netbooks. The first ever Snapdragon product was QSD8250, released in November 2007. At the 2013 consumer electronics Qualcomm introduced the first of Snapdragon 800 series. What's new in the Snapdragon 845 Snapdragon 845 is the new semiconductor going to launched by next year. Its recent version Snapdragon 835 is making way in the flagship devices and the specifications for Snapdragon 845 are already out. If reports are to be believed, its chipset is going to be manufactured on 10 nm finFet architecture. However reports also suggest that it will support faster storage and RAM standards. But things might take different turn as Snapdragon 845 is said to rely on ARM'S Cortex A-75 series which brings end to Qualcomm and Snapdragon's P

The Ultimate Gaming PC Build Guide

5 Most Important Factors when Building your Gaming PC Building a Gaming PC is no joke. It costs quite a lot of money. Since a gaming PC is more future proof than a gaming console, it is not just a plug and play affair.  As such you need to do quite a lot of research before you start building your gaming PC such that it fits your budget and gaming pleasure like a hand in a glove.  Therefore to lessen the hardwork on your part, I asked several tech enthusiasts and bloggers to share with me their opinion as to the  5 most important factors, a person should look for when building a gaming PC.   I have also shared my own opinion in the end and finally listed out the 5 factors most voted for, as the most important when building a gaming PC. As such, this post will be all you shall need to build that gaming PC you always dreamt of!

Exynos 8895 vs Apple A10 Fusion: Which is the better Processor?

Exynos 8895 vs A10 Fusion Processor This year and in the previous one we came across two incredible flagship phones - the iPhone 7 and 7+ and the Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus. Both came with powerful chipset  and today I will show you how they compare by putting them through various tests and find which is better.

Samsung Gear VR (2017) Review: How Good is it!

The new Samsung Gear VR? Since its inception the  Samsung Gear VR has been a pretty interesting and amazing piece of kit and with its third iteration in 2017 featured along with the Samsung Galaxy S8, the deal just got better. What would it offer this time around? Lets take a look.

Samsung DeX Review: Let your Phone run your PC!

First of all, what is the Samsung DeX? Samsung DeX is basically a doc for you S8 and S8+ connected to a monitor which enables your phone to turn  into (do the functions of) a true desktop PC. By docking the Galaxy S8 and S8+ into  the DeX Station, your phone will launch a special DeX mode on the  connected external monitor and applications can be opened in multiple  separate windows, just like that in a PC. You can even connect a mouse, or a keyboard and Ethernet cable to increase the  productivity. This is not the first time, a company has manufactured a doc for performing PC functions in a phone, for example Motorolla Lapdock. But while Motorolla has failed utterly, Samsung has not as its latest flagship is more than capable to handle most of the work in a PC. But how far can it push? What are its limits? Well this article has got all the answers and info on the Samsung DeX.

Waterproof Cases That Have Saved Over 10000 iPhones

Best Waterproof Cases for your iPhone With the exception of the iPhone 7, all the iPhones were quite vulnerable to water. A simple splash, drop or just an overturning of a water-filled glass is all that it needs to wash away all the bucks you put for your iPhone! But this will hardly be a problem for you if you have a waterproof case for your iPhone. In this post, we take a look at the best waterproof cases that you should buy for your iPhone.

Best RAMs for PC

Best RAMs ( R andom A ccess M emory) For PC RAM (Random Access Memory) is a special form of computer data storage, which stores regularly used program instructions so as to quicken the speed at which the PC performs. Here is a list of the Best RAM that is out yet for sale.

Best iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Gadgets and Accessories

Best iPhone 7 Gadgets and Accessories available in India iPhone 7-  the most awaited phone for die-hard IOS users is out. If you have or are planning to get an iPhone 7, following is a list of the best iPhone 7 accessories you can get in India. iPhones always have provided quite amazing accessories and gadgets. We have just chosen the best ones available in India for iPhone 7.