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25+ Must-Have Apps to experience Augmented Reality

The Best Apps for Augmented Reality Augmented Reality has been around for a very long time. But with every passing year, it has become more refined. Augmented Reality brings features of games and apps to the real world (in a sense!) and thus provides a magical experience by blurring the line between the virtual and real world! Well, not just that, it helps one by providing real time information regarding several stuff. Augmented Reality (AR) isn't that uncommon that you think it is; really. In fact you use it everyday!😉 If you still don't get it, it is the GPS App in your phone! As you can see, augmented reality apps are abundant and are very easy to locate both in Google Play and in the App Store. Some of these apps are free, while some others are not. While some of these apps have been made by top of the line developers, several amazing augmented reality apps have also been developed by small-timers. However, now that you can make a rough estimate as to

Windows 10 Source Code Leaked: Should You Be Worried

32 TB of Windows 10 Source Code and Beta Builds Leaked Online What appears to be a major embarrassment  to Microsoft may have pulled its millions of customers' information into the wrong hands too as about 32 TB of its Source Code and Beta Builds was uploaded to which calls itself "the community for beta collectors" and "one of the webs largest Beta & Abandonware repositories". However, it seems Windows 10 users need not worry much because no sensitive information was included in the information uploaded. You may get even more relief that BetaArchive owner has reported that the website has taken down about 1.2 TB of the code offline after the initial leak. This leaked source code was a part of Microsoft's Shared Source Kit. It is basically the source codes for Windows 10 hardware drivers, Plug and Play codes, WiFi stacks and storage drivers like hard-disks. Some of the codes were for 64 bits ARM Cortex chips, and some ha

Flyme OS 6 Now Available For The Samsung Galaxy S7

FLYME OS6 INSTALLABLE IN SAMSUNG GALAXY S7! Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7   Edge users can now switch to FLYME  OS 6  to their respective handsets. The company behind Flyme OS, Meizu, has made the software available on their website for the 2 smartphones. Flyme 6 amazingly combines the designs and the contents to  create a stunning visual experience, filled with excitement and delights. The package occupies a little too much space of 1.25 GB , so it is preferable to download it via WIFI. The latest available software version Flyme has come up with a number of fixes. It can now delete messages, contacts, as well as the call logs in bulk. The problem with the fingerprint scanner which was there in its previous versions making it unable to register fingerprint, has also been fixed. FEATURES :   Like most customized UI s' of Chinese companies, Flyme OS 6 does not come with an app drawer. But, the company has included an Intelligent Thinking Engine (ITE)

Millions of Android Users Infected with Xavier Malware

More than 800 Android Apps in the Google Play Store are infected by Xavier Malware Google Play seems to be getting hit by malware, one after another. And the recent news-maker is the Xavier malware. According to the warning issued by the Global Cyber-Security firm "Trend Micro", more than 800 apps in the Google Play Store were infected by the Xavier malware that had reached thousands of Android users till date. Trend Micro stated "These applications range from utility apps like Photo manipulators to wallpaper and ringtone changers." Using data from its "Mobile App Reputation Service" Trend Micro found that the Xavier malware steals and leaks user data. This is difficult to detect as it employs methods like string encryption, internet data encryption and emulator to prevent being detected and thus protects itself. What may shock you even more is that the malware is capable of downloading and executing other malicious codes from a rem

Bixby Voice Finally Coming: But Does That Matter?

What about the Bixby Voice? Samsung's new and improved digital assistant, Bixby had garnered quite a lot of expectations from Samsung fans and other flagship phone consumers around the world. However, Samsung botched up Bixby at its Galaxy S8 launch and disappointed potential buyers and those interested in the AI assistant big time. Anyhow, now after about two months since the Samsung Galaxy S8 launch, it seems Bixby Voice is finally ready. So let's take a look as to whether it is really ready and if it is a good option for you to have!

Now You Can Replace Google Assistant with Microsoft's Cortana in your Android Device

You can now replace Google Assistant or Google Now with Microsoft's Digital Assistant "Cortana" in your Android Phone While Microsoft's Windows is the dominating OS in the world of computing, Android and iOS are the key players when it comes to smartphones and tablets or iPads. Microsoft tried its best, but failed in its attempt to gain a foothold in the phone OS industry too, as evidenced by the Nokia Lumia phones. As such, Microsoft has now started a different and new strategy. It has started pushing consumers in both the Android and iOS camps to install their apps for their respective OS. A nd with this strategy, they have introduced their Digital Assistant Cortana to be used in Android phones. Users can also replace Google Assistant/Google Now (whichever they use) with Microsoft's Cortana digital assistant. To get Cortana, you need to have the app "Cortana for Android". The latest update (update 2.8.0) of the app provides you with

High Sierra Safari Browser: Apple Made Some Humongous Changes

High Sierra: Not "High" Literally! The next version of Apple’s operating system for the Mac is called macOS High Sierra . The name of this Operating System relates back to the days of Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion. Well, brandishing not just a cool name but also several amazing features and performance upgrades, this OS' Safari browser is going to see tremendous improvements! After a lot of research, we got you the stuff you can expect from Apple's High Sierra!

Must-Have Apps for Students

The Best Apps that are Must Haves for Students Well, for a student, keeping track of their daily commitments, responsibilities and tasks is really tough. Also, some get pushed to drug and alcohol abuse due to peer pressure. And some just want to enjoy to the maximum. As such I have scoured the Internet and app stores to find the most amazing apps for a student! I have personally tested almost all of them and have compiled this vast post to help you enjoy your student life to the fullest!

Google's Upcoming Android O: All about it! (Official)

Android O: What's Coming?  In the 2017 I/O developers’ conference, Google talked about the previously announced features in its latest Android release, Android O, talking about the faster, more fluid experiences and improved notification management that it has to offer. What Google did not talk about, was the name given to the new OS. It's still the mysterious Android O, with an available beta that's easier to install and is much stable than the developer preview. Up in this post I am going to review the best features of Android O, discuss the biggest updates since Nougat and cover any issues faced while testing it on the Google Pixel. Without further ado, let's take a look at the features we are most excited about the new mobile OS.

How iOS is better than Android Phones

Things in Which iOS bests its Android Counterpart iPhone vs Android (or iOS vs Android) has been the biggest rivalry in mobile market since their inception almost a decade ago, eclipsing the desktop wars between Apple and Microsoft, and Apple and IBM. Both of them record amazing sales numbers. Samsung, the leading manufacturer of Android phones, sold 308.5 million handsets in 2016, while other brands such as Huwawei, Xiaomi, Motorola and others added up to the pile. Apple alone is a close second selling a total of 215.5 million iPhones made 80% of the worldwide smartphone profits. That's huge. While Adhip, has done quite a detailed comparison on Android Nougat vs iOS 10 (2017 Edition ) and also has created a similar post on Things Android Phones do Better than iOS iPhones , I thought that a post which showed the "Plus" points of iOS is also necessary! As I use both Android and iOS phones (an iPhone 6S and one OnePlus 3T ), I have found that both these iOS have

PS4 Pro Boost Mode: All About It

PS4 Pro Boost Mode: All there is about it Sony's PS4 Pro is one hell of a console. While not the first choice for movie lovers, because it does not support Blu-Ray DVDs, the PS4 Pro, offers superb power for games. Packed with top-of-the line specs, it takes gaming to the next level. If you have a 4K TV that supports HDR, then you will be able to experience the true power of this console. However, not all PlayStation 4 games have been properly patched to utilize the tremendous power of its successor, while some have not even been patched at all. And for that, comes the " Boost Mode ".

Things that Android Phones are Better at than iOS iPhones

Ways in which Android Phones Win against iOS (iPhones) Google's Android and Apple's iOS go a long way back. Since the beginning, each had its own pros and cons. However, with time, the two have taken in the positives of each other and have become quite alike each other. This post however shows the wins that an Android user gets over his/her iOS counterpart.

How to Get Bixby in any Samsung Phones running Android Nougat

Yes! Get the Bixby Digital Assistant on any Samsung phone running Android Nougat Click to enlarge The Bixby is still in its test-phase. You probably won't be utterly impressed by it now. However, its object and place recognition skills is truly amazing and it gets better the more you use it. Here is the step by step instructions on getting Samsung's Bixby digital assistant for your phone, provided it has Android Nougat. NO ROOT REQUIRED!

Bixby : Samsung's New Digital Assistant

Samsung's New AI Assistant called Bixby While the days of Samsung's S Voice has come to a complete and definite end now, Samsung has made a completely new Digital Assistant called Bixby, integrated and released with its Samsung Galaxy S8.  The digital assistant is quite new right now. While it is integrated and works amazingly with Samsung apps, only a handful of third-party apps like Uber and YouTube support it right now. Truth be told, this AI, seems to have incredible potential, closely resembling and possibly surpassing Google Assistant's AI's learning prowess.  Packed with innovative features, check out Samsung's new innovation in the field of Digital Assistants, in this post on Bixby: Samsung S8's Trump Card.

iOS 10 vs Android Nougat: Which is the Real King?

iOS 10 vs Android Nougat: An In-Depth Analysis: Which OS is better (Updated on April 1, 2017) Deciding which phone to go for, is based on specs, design and Operating System , the latter being no less important than the former. A poor User Interface (UI), filled with bloatware and little to no innovative features can ruin your phone experience, thus forcing you to buy a new phone no matter how amazing your phone specs are!   The OS of your phone is therefore quite an important determinant on your phone's performance. iOS vs Android; this war has been going on for quite a long time. Here I put an end to iOS 10 vs Nougat debate. I going to show you all  the strengths, weaknesses of both these OS, analyzing them in several fields in extreme depth, so that you can have no doubts over the winner and/or which one is best for you.