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Samsung Galaxy S8 Display: Why it is The Best Phone Display

Samsung Galaxy S8 Display has been rated as BEST Phone Display
There are phones which boast displays with 4K resolution and then there is the Samsung Galaxy S8. It does not have a 4K display. What it does have is however, is a display that produces extremely vibrant, rich and vivid colors. Its display blows away all the other phone displays on the market. And NO! it is not a new phone gimmick! Its display has been rated by DisplayMate Technologies, to have the best phone display. 

This infographic will help show you the true wonder that the Samsung Galaxy S8 display gives and show you that there are no doubts that it is the Best Phone Display out yet.

Nokia 8 may Launch on June: Snapdragon 835 processor, 23MP camera

Nokia 8 to Launch in June 2017?Are you ready for the Nokia 8? Well actually it was a rhetorical question! The thing is we got some news regarding it and that's not just limited to its release date!

According to Pocketnow, a website which covers smartphones, the Nokia 8 is coming up in July 2017. It will also accompany a 23 MegaPixel camera. It is also reported that Nokia 8 will boast a Carl Zeiss lens!
The last part is not a new report actually. Some leaked sketches of the Nokia 8 from the recent past have also hinted, if not confirmed the presence of the Carl Zeiss lens in Nokia's flagship phone - the Nokia 8.
Apart from that Nokia 8 will be powered by a Snapdragon 835 processor and will have models with two storage options of 64 GB and 128 GB and two memory (RAM) options of 4 GB and 6 GB. 
Also, it will have expandable storage by Micro-SD upto 256 GB.

Nothing is quite revolutionary about its specs comprising the RAM, storage except the processor actually. 

However with the continu…

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Sony Xperia XZ Premium Comparison

Sony Xperia XZ Premium vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs Comparison
Sony's latest goes head to head against Samsung's greatest.
Samsung Galaxy S8 (Full Review already done) has been rated by DisplayMate Technologies to have the best phone display ever. It packs two different superb processors depending on where you buy it. With both phones having performance on par or even greater than that of iPhone 7 Plus, amazing displays and superb cameras, this post compares the specs of the two devices.

How to Get Bixby in any Samsung Phones running Android Nougat

Yes! Get the Bixby Digital Assistant on any Samsung phone running Android NougatThe Bixby is still in its test-phase. You probably won't be utterly impressed by it now. However, its object and place recognition skills is truly amazing and it gets better the more you use it. Here is the step by step instructions on getting Samsung's Bixby digital assistant for your phone, provided it has Android Nougat. NO ROOT REQUIRED!

Samsung Galaxy S8 Review: The Best Phone Out Yet

Samsung Galaxy S8: The Best Review of the Best Smartphone of 2017
After the Note 7 fiasco, Samsung made a rebound with its Galaxy S8, whose display has been rated the best phone display. Truly, the best in its lineage, the S8 packs an amazing array of features, performance and camera in a gorgeous metal and glass body. While it could have made some more improvements in the battery, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is no doubt the best phone out yet and in this review, I will show you a complete review of this device and of the immense improvements it has made.

Comparison of Phones Best for International Travelling

Best Phone for International Travelling
As an update to my previous post on this topic of what phone should you choose to take with you abroad, I made this infographic, which is a quick and a thorough run down comparing several phone to take with you on an International Trip.

Your journey abroad may be for business, work, travel or an expedition but this infographic will help YOU DECIDE, which phone is best suited for your needs.

Choose This Phone for your International Travels

Best Phone to Take with You for International Travel
Thinking about which phone is most suitable for taking with you abroad? Well there are several factors to consider. In this post we round about the factors and help you decide, the best phone for your International travel.

AI-Powered Flagship "Essential" Smartphone by Android Co-Founder Andy Rubin

AI-Powered Smartphone by Andy Rubin may be a Game Changer
Andy Rubin, the co-founder of Android, has now re-entered the smartphone market. He left Google in 2014 and set up his own company called "Essential". His company will produce Smartphones, Tablets, Operating Software for Mobile Phones. 
However what's most interesting is the smartphone part. His company comprising about 40 people, a good number of which are ex-Google, ex-Apple workers are working on a phone which apart from boasting high-end hardware, will also be powered by AI, which according to him is the near future and the next big change in technology.
The phone is still a prototype and is called (till the time it will remain in prototype) as Essential FIH-PM1. There is no official statement regarding when it will be released.

Bixby : Samsung's New Digital Assistant

Samsung's New AI Assistant called Bixby
While the days of Samsung's S Voice has come to a complete and definite end now, Samsung has made a completely new Digital Assistant called Bixby, integrated and released with its Samsung Galaxy S8. 

The digital assistant is quite new right now. While it is integrated and works amazingly with Samsung apps, only a handful of third-party apps like Uber and YouTube support it right now. Truth be told, this AI, seems to have incredible potential, closely resembling and possibly surpassing Google Assistant's AI's learning prowess. 

Packed with innovative features, check out Samsung's new innovation in the field of Digital Assistants, in this post on Bixby: Samsung S8's Trump Card.

OnePlus 3T Review : The Best Just Got Better

OnePlus 3T Review of the Best Smartphone
Yes! The best just got better! OnePlus, a Chinese firm, took the smartphone market by storm when it started producing high end smartphones with a very nominal price tag. It literally shook the contemporary flagships of 2016, with its OnePlus 3 smartphone. Packed with high end specs, OnePlus succeeded in producing a phone that offered better performance than several flagships at about half their price. Well not for long!

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung recently captured the throne of feature phones dethroning its arch rival Apple's Iphone 6 and Iphone 7 with its Samsung Galaxy S7 (READ: Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Iphone 7). Soon after that Samsung released another S7 model known as the S7 edge. Let's see what is the difference between them and which is a better phone and which is right for you.

Best Phones In the world 2017

2017 has marked several changes and new phones in the smartphone industry. Apple's iPhone, the king of mobile phone market has been dethroned by Samsung with its Galaxy S series and stiff competition has been in place by Google Pixel and Sony Xperia XZ. The following is the list of the best smartphones in the world available for sale RIGHT NOW. As buying a flagship phone is a rather costly affair, this post is kept updated regularly so that you don't fall into a wrong choice!

Best Smartphones under Rs 20000