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Ryzen 3: A Look into the Best Budget Processor for Gaming

Ryzen 3, the King of Budget Gaming CPUs The Ryzen 3 1200 and Ryzen 3 1300X launched on July 27. Since their release, they’ve dominated the budget gaming CPU market and have rendered Intel’s i3 lineup useless. For quite a long time, Intel CPUs were the way to go. Ryzen 7 and Ryzen 5 changed the game, beating just about all of team blue’s competitors.  Ryzen 3 is no different, bringing incredible performance at a great price. Prior to the launch of the Ryzen 3 line, the Pentium G4560 was a popular choice for gamers on a budget. It was really the only good budget gaming CPU on the market, as the new Pentium’s hyperthreading blurred the lines between Pentium and the core i3 line. Intel’s Pentium CPUs were rocking two physical cores without hyperthreading prior to the Pentium G4560’s release. The 7 th generation of Intel CPUs was a first step in the right direction, as the Pentium line finally featured hyperthreading.  Each core can process two threads at once; in o

Dell XPS 13 Review: One of the Best Laptops/Ultrabooks Built Yet

Dell XPS 13 Review: Should you Buy it? The 2015 version of the XPS 13 was launched at CES in January and made a big impression among the public as it was among other reasons, very small in size.  When you look at the XPS 13 the first thing you will notice is how thin the bezels are around the display. At 5.2 mm, they were, and still is one of the thinnest bezels around in a laptop. Dell claimed that the 13 inch XPS 13 was packed in the chassis of an 11-inch display. But not just dimensions, Dell has managed to pack in very modern hardware to showcase the laptop packing in Intel’s then-latest 5th generation Broadwell-U processors. Fast forward to 2017 and Dell has taken all the slim carbon fiber goodness from their flagship Ultrabook and applied it to the brand new hybrid.  Available at a starting price of $999, the XPS 13 2-in-1 is a totally new design and distinct features. The chassis, for example is even lighter than the previous XPS 13! Dell has added a new feature c

Eve V Laptop Review: Should You Buy It?

Eve V Review: Just How Good Is It Eve is this really small startup that was founded to be like a disruptive device maker with an emphasis on community feedback to help them design the best products for their community. And not a bad idea.  The Eve V 2 in 1 device that they are showing off at Computex 2017, has the ability to filter through the guidance offered by their users. The end result is a pretty great device which not just looks good, but also performs quite well.  The response received by the company was really positive, with 500 units being sold in the first 3 hours of its campaign. Eve tech also attracted attention from the Finnish government, Intel and Microsoft. With its main competitor being the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, there is a lot in stake for the Eve V.  The Eve V pretty much seems like a Surface Pro 4 with two USB Type-C ports. But can it hold its own from the Surface Pro 4 or is it even better? That's what I am going to show!

HP Omen 17 Review: Should you buy it?

HP Omen 17: One of the Best Gaming Laptops Built The HP Omen 17 is a gaming powerhouse of a laptop. You can think of it as a sleeper car that pulls up next to your tricked-out car at a stoplight. When the light turns green, you expect the rusty old sedan to eat your dust but instead, you're shocked to see it blow past ahead of you. Powered by an excellent Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 and priced at about $1800, it is a great deal too. What's more! It comes in several models; is VR ready and falls within a friendly budget range! In this post I will head deep into the review on HP Omen 17 and show you whether you should purchase it or not. What's the good and bad of HP Omen 17 Pros Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 with a 4K display with G-sync is an excellent deal under  $2000. Compact and relatively light considering it being a 17-inch gaming laptop. Cons Speakers lack bass and presence. No Thunderbolt 3 or USB 3.1 port. Build quality could have been better. Gets hot

The Ultimate Gaming PC Build Guide

5 Most Important Factors when Building your Gaming PC Building a Gaming PC is no joke. It costs quite a lot of money. Since a gaming PC is more future proof than a gaming console, it is not just a plug and play affair.  As such you need to do quite a lot of research before you start building your gaming PC such that it fits your budget and gaming pleasure like a hand in a glove.  Therefore to lessen the hardwork on your part, I asked several tech enthusiasts and bloggers to share with me their opinion as to the  5 most important factors, a person should look for when building a gaming PC.   I have also shared my own opinion in the end and finally listed out the 5 factors most voted for, as the most important when building a gaming PC. As such, this post will be all you shall need to build that gaming PC you always dreamt of!

MSI GT83VR Titan SLI Review: Gaming Laptop for the Pro-Gamers

When it comes to high-end portable gaming devices with desktop-crushing performance MSI is the brand most of us now look up to. The GT80 Titan was their boldest move so far, setting the bar for performance and featured a fully mechanical keyboard-a world first on  a gaming laptop, with one of the largest displays available-an 18.4 inch full HD panel. Apparently, it also was the only Broadwell quad-core laptop I tested. It featured two NVIDIA GTX 980M graphics cards in SLI and provided the highest notebook performance we'd ever seen. The GT83VR 7RF Titan SLI is MSI's latest iteration. The GT80 Titan was one of the best notebooks of its time, and it surprised us with its capabilities. Its huge size meant that despite all of the power packed within it, it still ran cool and quiet, even under load. Our expectations are thus high for the GT83VR Titan.  This laptop featured in my list of the top Gaming Laptops (2017 Edition) . But  can the Titan live up to it? Well, you wil

Acer Predator 15 Review: An Affordable, Gaming Powerhouse

Acer Predator 15 In the world of gaming laptops, Acer sure stands out. 2016 it was quite a year for gaming laptops. Several companies launched their laptops and they fared nicely in the gaming world. With the release of Predator 15, Acer has surely locked horns with the lot vying for the centre stage. Acer again reprised predator 15 after its two previous versions – G9-591 and G9-592 which actually scored  pretty well among the gaming hub. Acer with a lot of fan-fare released predator’s current model G9-593. Will the new predator version live up to the legacy of its predecessor in an increasingly crowded marketplace or will it be another failure round the corner? Here are the tit-bits gathered from our test runs on the predator 15 and the inferences that we drew from them. To know our thoughts on the new laptop scroll on gamers!

Razer Blade Pro Review: Gaming Laptop at its Best

Razer Blade Pro Review: Is it the Best Gaming Laptop of 2017? The Razer Blade Pro is an amazing combination of power and beauty. Top of the line hardware has been fitted into this portable, light weight, thin (0.88 inch chassis) beast to offer premium gaming experience at an affordable price. The Pro has got several models but the one with the price tag of about $3700, lets you game at 4K resolution with the help of Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 with 8 GB of V-RAM and G-Sync for anti screen tearing! And that's just the beginning when it comes to the Razer Blade Pro!

The Best Gaming Laptops: 2017 Definitive Edition

The Best Gaming Laptops in 2017 For a PC gamer, the possibilities are endless. You can keep on upgrading your computer or laptop as and when games requiring more higher end specs get released. If you are someone, who needs a laptop which is heavily power-packed, then look no more. This list is for you. If you want a gaming laptop that matches your fine balance of weight(portability), price and performance , then you can be sure to find the best choice for you in this highly detailed comparison of the Best Gaming Laptops of 2017. Also, several laptops in this list have several models with different price tags. So, this list is the Best and the Final Buying Guide you need for Gaming Laptops of 2017!

Best RAMs for PC

Best RAMs ( R andom A ccess M emory) For PC RAM (Random Access Memory) is a special form of computer data storage, which stores regularly used program instructions so as to quicken the speed at which the PC performs. Here is a list of the Best RAM that is out yet for sale.

Best Laptops of 2017

    Best Laptops of 2017 The best Laptops of 2017, for all your needs. Best Laptops 2017 With the huge sales of smartphones, tablets and the Ipad, analysts expected the days of PC and laptops to be numbered. However, as we can see, that isn't true as buyers need more and more powerful devices each passing day. Be it design, that you care about, or just sheer performance, or maybe the OS (Windows/ iOS/ ChromeOS), here is a list of the Best Laptops 2017 has brought!