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Best Phones In the world 2017

2017 has marked several changes and new phones in the smartphone industry. Apple's iPhone, the king of mobile phone market has been dethroned by Samsung with its Galaxy S series and stiff competition has been in place by Google Pixel and Sony Xperia XZ. The following is the list of the best smartphones in the world available for sale RIGHT NOW. As buying a flagship phone is a rather costly affair, this post is kept updated regularly so that you don't fall into a wrong choice!

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 7

  Samsung Galaxy S7 VS iPhone 7   Its 2016 and it has brought the biggest ever flagship smart phone  battle in the world- Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 7. Samsung which with its galaxy S7 had stolen the smartphone supremacy crown from Apple met its match in the iPhone 7 released quite recently. Here we shall compare the phones under several categories and show you which phone is best and why.

Best Smartphones under Rs 20000

        Looking for an average budget Smartphone, say around Rs 20000? Well look no more.. We have got you covered in this list of best smartphones under that price tag!