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15 Virtual Reality Apps that You Must Try

Disclaimer: This is a guest post. The opinion expressed in here, belongs solely to the writer.

The growth rate of the Virtual Reality or VR market is exceptionally very high. The VR market is growing continuously and by 2020 it is expected to be almost 15 times bigger. VR is a revolutionary technology and these days it is used in many sectors. 

The VR headsets are used in different training methods such as engineering design process, audience engagement, business environment, medical surgery training, motion tracking, gaming and many more. Here I am going to introduce to you the top 15 VR apps for 2017 and I am sure that these apps will surely take your VR experience to a new level.

AAA VR Cinema VR App

AAA VR cinema application is one of the best VR apps to explore your Virtual Reality experience. It is a 4 star rated VR app and also freeware. This VR app is basically a Virtual Reality video player that helps users in playing locally stored videos on their device. 

The easy interface of this VR app makes video playing quite easy and simple. It allows you to play the stored videos on your VR headset while you are wearing it. You don’t have to remove your VR headset for playing videos. This app is developed to support 180 degrees and 360 degrees video view, NAS and head tracking. 

It also helps in removing drift issues, this issue generally occurs while watching longer videos. It is free and you definitely need to try it once.

Google Street View VR App

Google Street View VR app is developed to provide its users a 3600 view of various addresses. With the Google Street View VR app you can view the stories and content of a particular address posted by other users and you can post your content too. 

Exploring world landmarks, different locations, restaurants, arenas, natural wonders and other locations will be very easy with this VR app. Create your own photo sphere and add your personal street view experience. 

You can do 3600 photography with your smartphone camera after installing an additional spherical camera. After capturing 3600 pictures you can easily publish them to Google Maps and share your own photo spheres with the world. Visiting new and unknown places will be fun with Google Street View VR app. You can share pictures from your photo sphere and also share your experience to let others know more about Street View. 

This is one of the best Android apps to explore the world. Sharing your experience and stories will help you to connect with more peoples online. Your experience will also guide the new users of Street View. It is compatible with the Smartphones having 4.4 Kitkat and upper Android Operating System.

Cardboard Camera VR App

Cardboard camera virtual reality app is one of the top trending VR app. This app allows you to capture and share pictures with Virtual Reality photos. Virtual Reality pictures allow you to experience the scenery in every direction. With the VR photos you can experience the 3D view of the picture.

The best part of VR photos it provides enough details of the captured photos. Capture the moments of vacation travels, family functions or small family-get-together with the Cardboard camera and later relive those moments in VR.

This VR app is developed with easy interface, so it is easy to use and you don’t have to sign up to get started. Just download the Cardboard camera VR app, open and go. Your VR photos will be amazing and it will be great to hang with this must have VR app.

Apollo 15 Moon Landing VR App

It is difficult for everyone and anyone to become an astronaut and land on moon in spacecraft. But it is very easy to experience the journey with a VR headset and this Moon Landing app. Use your Smartphone, a Virtual Reality headset and with the Apollo-15 Moon Landing VR app you can experience the 1971 Apollo-15 moon landing.

Watching a movie on a flat TV based on this moon project will not enough exciting and entertaining. It will be fun to experience the whole journey in Virtual Reality and be the part of the Apollo mission.

This application is developed to provide realistic impression of Apollo mission. You will not believe at once but this VR app is developed using the real footage and data of the Apollo-15 moon mission to provide realistic experience. All the footage and data of the Apollo-15 mission is accumulated by NASA.

Fulldive Virtual Reality App

Fulldive VR app is one of the best apps for viewing and navigating lots of VR content available online. This VR app is with both daydream headsets and cardboard. It is also a new kind of social platform to connect with your friends and view their reactions on the contents you react earlier.

Fulldive VR app allows its users to browse and surf the web in absolutely different way. It provides truly the latest generation of media, you can watch 3D photos and 3600 videos like never before. Browsing the internet with this VR app will be amazingly a different experience.

Search over 1 million videos from the approved sources like YouTube, Facebook and Youku. These approved sources are enough reliable and prohibits mature contents.

With the Fulldive VR app you can explore lots of Virtual Reality content, some of which are listed below.
  • YouTube videos in VR
  • 3D YouTube videos in VR
  • 3600 YouTube videos in VR
  • Play all videos in VR on your smartphone
  • Browsing in VR
  • Capture images in VR

YouTube VR App

Another excellent app for streaming YouTube videos in Virtual Reality, it helps you in exploring the YouTube as a three dimensional world. This YouTube VR app converts every YouTube video into virtual reality.

And it is not just limited to videos; you can explore the whole YouTube site in VR. Take your YouTube viewing experience to the new level.
  • You can explore YouTube in 3D VR setting
  • Step inside YouTube, browse and watch every video in VR format
  • This YouTube VR app allow you to fully immerse yourself into the action
  • Forgot those standard rectangular videos and experience 3D videos on a comparatively big virtual screen
  • Experience spatial sound with your VR headset

Expeditions VR App

Expeditions VR app has few similarities with the Google Street View VR app. With Google Street View VR app you can visit the unknown places like historical sites and other landmarks from your comfort zone; Expeditions VR app makes this virtual journey bigger.

With Expeditions VR app you can visit historical places, dive underwater or wander into space from your comfort zone. This VR app is best for training students and helps them in exploring the space and ocean from their classroom chair.

Here I have compiled the features of this VR app.
  • It makes the training easier and will help students in exploring unknown places in big virtual screen
  • Immerse yourself in a virtual 3D world
  • If you have downloaded the Expeditions VR app you will not need any data connection to run this app
  • You will find over 200 Expeditions and the list is still growing.

And thus, it will be easier to wander new destinations with this VR app. Whether you want to dive into space or ocean, you can fully immerse yourself in the virtual world using this application.

Insidious VR App

Many of us crave of watching horror movies at nights alone; I’m not that kind of person seriously. If you love to watch horror movies you will also love this VR app.

If you want to feel the horror scenes then virtual reality will be the best option. Virtual reality horror scenes will create great suspense and the whole drama will be enough to feed your horror hunger. You will find many VR apps on Google PlayStore developed with different concept and horror is one of them.

Encounter the terror with the Insidious VR app like never before. Viewing all the horrible dramas on a comparatively big virtual screen will is enough chilling. Step into the darkest nights and feel the whole tension created by the scenes, suspense and sound.

Minos Starfighter VR App

Minos Starfighter is one of the decent VR games available online. One thing you must note before installing this VR app is that this VR game is only compatible with Google Cardboard VR headset. However, it will also run on such cardboard VR headset similar to Google Cardboard.

Minos Starfighter game is developed with triple A graphics, 3D positional audio and realistic graphic effects. It is developed to provide most compelling and immersive VR experience on cardboard.
  • Shortlisted few features of Minos Starfighter below
  • Developed with triple A graphics, 3D sound and realistic gaming features
  • Featured with 3 different realistic space environments
  • Developed for intense gaming
  • Use all the weapons, view every elements and experience destructions with enough detail
  • Upgrade your weapons and ships and make them more powerful
  • Share your achievements and scores with your friends
  • Developed brilliantly to fulfill all the VR guidelines and provide immersive and comfortable experience
Be seated and step inside the battlefield to destruct your enemies. Plug the headphones to feel immersed in the game.

Discovery VR App

If you love to watch Discovery networks then this is the best VR app for you. You will be able to watch the nature with great detail just because of Discovery VR app. This VR app is developed using the most popular documentaries of the Discovery channel. 

The Discovery VR app delivers some exclusive content and behind the scene clips which you can’t view on TV. Some of the most acclaimed documentaries featured in this VR app are Born in China, Under the Net, Lets go Florida, Mythbusters and the list goes on. Wander all over the rain forests, deserts and mountains with this VR app. 

Feel the wilderness, view the elephants swimming, watch the rescue missions of endangered animals and fly with the birds in the sky.

 11. Netflix VR

Netflix VR App

Enjoy movies, TV shows, Netflix original series, documentaries and movies in VR with the Netflix VR app. You can enjoy all these content on Android devices that support Daydream. With the Netflix VR app you can watch any content from whenever and wherever you want.

When you start spending more time with this app you will get best recommendation of trending contents. This VR app comes with a kids section featured with family friendly movies and shows.
Netflix is getting very popular as an online video streaming source and now you can enjoy it on VR mode too. 

If you want full advantage of Netflix you have to take a subscription, but once you are subscribed to Netflix you can enjoy all the content in VR mode.

Titans of Space Cardboard VR

Step into the universe and view the solar system without wearing any spacesuit.
Titan of Space is one of the best VR app for Google cardboard and Android. This VR app helps you in exploring the solar system and viewing the functionality of our universe.

It helps you in comparing the size of the planets and it does provide immense knowledge about various heavenly bodies. The game is a free VR app but if you want to take more of it and add on features, you have to spend just $2.99.

This VR app is featured with a dynamic soundtrack. This featured soundtrack will give you the way to feel the cosmos.

Galaxy VR App

Galaxy VR is virtual reality aerial battling game developed for the gamers. In this VR game you will get many battle engaging options to subdue your enemy.

You will be able to fight on the ground or you will fly in the sky in order to destruct your enemy’s base camp. You will experience some fairly immersive fighting sitting in the cockpit. You will need a joystick and three push buttons to get control over your game.

This VR game provides a demo version, so you may try the demo before spending money on buying it. This core VR game is featured with four game types and all of them are hard to progress. If you a true gamer by heart, you will definitely love this VR app.

14. VeeR VR

Veer VR App

VeeR VR app is considered as one of the best app for Android. This VR app allows you to explore your imaginations. It is best for almost all kind of Virtual Reality contents. You can play VR games, watch your favorite TV shows and movies or stepping into adventures junkies.

This app is really nice; you can watch 2D videos in a VR headset. Yes it is possible and all you can do with simply switching the 2D mode. This VR app is developed for VR video lovers.

VeeR VR is a free app and it is compatible with the smartphone having 4.4 and up Android. The VeeR VR app is a very popular VR app worldwide having millions of installations.

15. vTime
vTime VR App

vTime VR app is considered as the world’s first online sociable network in VR mode. vTime is available for Google cardboard and it is compatible with limited devices.
The sociable app allows you to connect, chat and share content with your family and frinds in a completely VR mode. Connecting with your lovable in VR mode now becomes very easy. You just need your smartphone, Cardboard headset and a earphone with an built-in microphone.
This app is developed with a device agnostic concept. 

With this app your social world will be more fantastic and the experience will be of the next level. You will feel the connections even if are thousand miles away from your lovable. Spend quality times with your family and friends using your VR headset and this VR app.

Final Note on the Best Virtual Apps Right Now

Connecting with the latest technology is great and VR is one of the top trending technologies this year. If you have a VR headset then try different VR apps and take the experience of your virtual world to the next level.
Before enjoying tons of contents online let me ask something very important about the Virtual World. Never wear a VR headset and try these VR apps while travelling, driving, and wandering or doing any kind of work. If you want to get the best results from your VR headset, just relax and sit on your chair and then wear your VR headset to step into the virtual world.
Author Bio:
Hey, I am Suraj, a full time pro blogger and a social media expert. Currently I am working in the growth hacking team of MyUKMailBox. Catch me on Twitter or Linkedin.


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