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Easy and Actionable Tips and Tricks For Searching Google Drive

Search Through Google Drive

If you are like me, and use Google Drive a lot, it may turn out to be quite a pain to find the right stuff when you need it.

Scrolling through the gigantic number of files and folders can be quite a big problem, especially if you haven't named or do not remember the name of the file you are looking for.

However, there's not much to worry. Google, being the boss in searching, has quite a few features that you may not know of when you are looking for something, you just can't seem to find. Knowing these search tips and tricks will also help you save quite a substantial amount of time too.

Anyways, before progressing let me briefly explain to you

How Google Drive's Search Works

Just like your computer's search engine, Google returns search results when your query matches with any file/folder's title or description.

But it is not limited to just that. It can also return you search results when your query matches any phrase or word inside the file's content. Google Drive also performs "Optical character recognition" using which it can return to you search results when the search string you entered matches words inside images or PDF files.

As such, this makes Google Drive's search much more powerful than a basic computer search.

Now coming to the,

Google Drive Search Tips and Tricks

  1. You can search with several search strings at once by writing "AND" or "OR" between the strings.
  2. To search for any photos or Images of any topic, say for example, dog, simply write type:image owner:me dog
  3. To search for any Microsof Excel or Google Spreadsheets, write type:spreadsheet
  4. To find PDF Files, write type:pdf. If the owner was you write type:pdf -owner:me. If it was shared by someone else, write type:pdf from:James
  5. To find presentations that you have shared with a teammate, say Tom, write type:presentation
  6. To find files that you deleted after a certain date (for example, today), write is:trashed after:2017-08-1
  7. To sort files in Google Drive according to their size in the descending order, put this link into the URL box -
If you know of any other tips and tricks that make searching through Google Drive, a breeze make sure to comment below and share your idea with us! And if you like this post, make sure to share it among your friends so that they too, can use the full potential of Google Drive. To keep yourself updated with all the latest how-to's, reviews and stuff that we do, make sure you subscribe!

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