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Xbox or PS4: Why not Both? Welcome the XStation

Xbox vs PlayStation Argument ends with this article!

Well, not literally!

Since the dawn of Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox, it has plagued the internet world with debates on which one is better (apart from the PC vs Console argument too!) Well, unless you are a PC gamer like me (I am not saying PC is better or not better; for God’s sake enough of that argument), you may have to choose between one of these two top tier consoles at one point of time or another.

While both these consoles have their pros and cons, (about which the posts on Xbox One vs PS4 and Xbox One S vs PS4 Slim may prove to have sufficient info), one guy has provided gamers a third choice, or fourth actually.
Introducing the Hybrid Xstation!
Ed, better known as EdsJunk who spends his spare time ripping apart consoles and modifying them, making them more portable is the creator of this machine.

This project of his lays to rest the second biggest debates in gaming by combining two gaming consoles of the opposite camps to make a hybrid which allows to switch between the consoles inside the same console with just the press of a switch.
Watch the video at the top to see just what it is and how it works.

The Xstation’s size is almost similar to that of the Xbox One. But Ed went on a little further by adding some nice flashing lights, which makes it look more gorgeous. Then there’s a switch which allows you to switch between the consoles instantly.

According to Ed, “both the consoles are run into a 2x1 HDMI switch which is controlled by an Arduino. The Arduino also controls the status LEDs and the relay (located inside the console)”.

Since only one console runs at a time, the XStation remains cool; otherwise it would heat up quite a lot and may possibly me damaged. The idea, though quite interesting and innovative, isn’t Ed’s first one. Sometime back, he finished his previous project that is the Playbook 4S, which is a laptop cum PS4 gaming console 2-in-1 Hybrid! He even puts out his projects for sale so if you want you can buy them.

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You will also be provided with a ton of options if you want to have a custom PlayBook. You can choose either black or white for your main case’s color and then you can also any color of the accents. Also, if you want Ed offers to put your Gamertag on the system.

However, the amazing idea has a high cost. You may be looking at a whopping figure of $1495.00 which translates to around 1168.19 pounds.
While, I won’t be buying it any time soon, would you? Drop your thoughts down in the comments!


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