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Google Wifi: Yet Another Google Innovation!

The Google Wifi Eliminates Connection Problems

Google WiFi

It isn't obviously much of a surprise that setting up a WiFi has become a hell lot simpler with time. Compared to some years back, and you would probably take a baseball bat to the endless hours of crunching letters and numbers in your keyboard so as to set up the device. But setting up the Google WiFi is extremely easy. And that's not even the main "pro" feature!

Signal Problems with Existing WiFi

Most of you may experience a disturbing phenomenon with the WiFi connection around your household. There may be certain spots which are not that far from the WiFi but receives poor signal strength or maybe even no signal reception from the WiFi.

Well, the Google WiFi seems to solve the problem. Boasting a gorgeous design and at a significantly low price of $269.99 (£299), the device rids your house of all the WiFi "blackspots".

All you need to do is connect the Google WiFi with your model using an Ethernet cable and placing the units around your home.

These units are basically routers which lets the WiFi signal spread all around your household. This removes all "blackspots" (unless you got a multi-million dollar mansion) and lets your device connect to the unit providing the strongest signal at that particular area.

This more brain less brawn approach is yet another one of Google's amazing innovations. 

While I am definitely impressed by this device, what about you? Share your thoughts down in the comments!


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