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Must-Have Apps for Students

The Best Apps that are Must Haves for Students

Best apps for students

Well, for a student, keeping track of their daily commitments, responsibilities and tasks is really tough. Also, some get pushed to drug and alcohol abuse due to peer pressure. And some just want to enjoy to the maximum. As such I have scoured the Internet and app stores to find the most amazing apps for a student! I have personally tested almost all of them and have compiled this vast post to help you enjoy your student life to the fullest!

Apps for Studying

Well, the apps in this subsection is not only about those which will help you study but also of those which will make your studies far easier to do, more interesting to perform and remove distractions during the minutes you give to studying.

Apps to Stop Procrastination

I won't lie. I am a huge procrastinator myself. Well, I had done quite a lot of research to come across an app to help me stop procrastination even before I ever thought of writing this post. The apps mentioned in this list are quite awesome for they have unique features to stop procrastination. But I remind you. You need to have the necessary will power of opening the apps everyday and using them to see actual results.


Apps to Capture Lectures

If you are a college student, before you read on, let me tell you, I feel you. Unless you are using one of these apps featured in the list (or maybe a secret app, which you may want to share with me in the comments), you are scribbling on sheets of paper, hoping that you don't miss any of those important information that the professor is rambling on about in the lecture. 

Or maybe you are like me and sleep on throughout the college classes!

Just kidding!😉

Anyhow I have scoured the internet and found some apps on the internet that can make your college days far easier. No more of that scribbling. Just let your phone (more so app) do the trick. This list contains the top apps which will help you capture lectures without any sophisticated recording instrument or so.

Apps to aid while Studying and for Revision

It has never been harder than now in the 21st century. You got to cram a huge amount of information in the penultimate hour. Plus you may have to revise or be sure that you are ready for the test tomorrow by doing some last night exam preparation.

(Related: Samsung Galaxy Digital Assistant Bixby Review) Well, actually revision apps are growing in popularity with time. And with that, these apps are adding more and more features and becoming quite easy and fun to use.

As for the apps which help you prepare for exams; they are pretty abundant too. There are several apps available nowadays which help prepare you for tests like LSAT, GRE, GMAT and MCAT.


Apps for your Safety

Well, it is better to be safe than sorry.

If you are staying away from your hometown to study in some college, then it is better you keep at least one of the following apps in your phone.


Planner Apps and Apps to improve your Life

At first, I thought that these apps should lie in the "Apps to stop procrastination" subsection. But being a humongous procrastinator, I realised that procrastination requires a different class to guns to be dealt with. Well whether or not you are a procrastinator, I feel that you should have at least one or more of the apps here according to what you feel may benefit you the most.

I have shared the top apps in the list after quite a lot of research and self-analysing them. You could bookmark this site and try out the apps to see which suits you the best.


Apps for Fitness and to help you eat healthy

Too lazy to drag your ass to the gym? Or don't have the time to enroll yourself into a gym?

Well, that does not matter. These apps will help you stay in shape and give you the push; no matter what your excuses are!

Also, this list compiles a huge list of apps to help you eat healthy and not gain extra flabs around the tummy and not fall short of the required vitamin / protein intake each day.


Miscellaneous Apps

The best apps for storage right now are Google Drive and Dropbox
With Google Drive, you can sync several apps like Google Docs with it to easily save and access files from several devices. It also lets you collaborate with your friends, which is great when you are working as a team on some project. It also has a 15 GB free plan. If you want more Google has several paid plans, starting from $1.99 per month.

Dropbox offers amazing syncing with other devices and lets you share stuff easily. It offers lower storage capacity than Google Drive and its paid plans starts from $9.99 per month.

As a student, you may have to large bibliographies. These time intensive are quite tiring. The app EasyBib can help a lot if you are tired of writing these references. It scans a book's barcode (or you can enter the book title on your own) and can offer you references in MLA, APA and Chicago styles.

Apps which help you drink responsibly: The app WiseDrinking measures how much you drank, and notifies you when you cross the safety limit. It can also measure the amount of alcohol in your blood if you input certain points like sex, weight, height etc!

Have any other suggestions? Put it down in the comments and let me know!

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