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Samsung DeX Review: Let your Phone run your PC!

First of all, what is the Samsung DeX?

Samsung DeX

Samsung DeX is basically a doc for you S8 and S8+ connected to a monitor which enables your phone to turn into (do the functions of) a true desktop PC. By docking the Galaxy S8 and S8+ into the DeX Station, your phone will launch a special DeX mode on the connected external monitor and applications can be opened in multiple separate windows, just like that in a PC. You can even connect a mouse, or a keyboard and Ethernet cable to increase the productivity.

This is not the first time, a company has manufactured a doc for performing PC functions in a phone, for example Motorolla Lapdock. But while Motorolla has failed utterly, Samsung has not as its latest flagship is more than capable to handle most of the work in a PC. But how far can it push? What are its limits? Well this article has got all the answers and info on the Samsung DeX.

Samsung DeX Design

Samsung DeX

Samsung DeX

Samsung's DeX Station is sold separately for about £150, and it turns your Samsung Galaxy S8 into a mini-PC, when connected to a HDMI equipped monitor and the phone docked inside it through a USB Type-C port. It has a power port, two USB-A ports, an Ethernet connector and cooling fans at the base which prevents the phone from heating up. It also charges your phone while you work.

How the Samsung DeX Works

Samsung DeX

Samsung DeX

Basically it allows you to run a desktop like OS on your Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ and an Android like OS in your PC. It helps you to run Android apps on you desktop at a much higher resolution offering more or less a PC like experience. In-short, it turns your Galaxy S8/S8 Plus into a mini-PC.

Limits of the Samsung DeX

The internet browser that'll open in the desktop is Samsung’s own browser instead of any other mobile browser and it supports content blockers and other extensions.

The browser itself has it's own limits -it struggles with proprietary content management system and Adobe Flash support is simply out of the question.

There are somethings that are frustrating. Not every app on the phone is optimised for the DeX and a great many of them are limited to phone sized windows when it is opened. That includes key apps like Facebook, Instagram etc . Apps like Gmail ,YouTube open in large resizable windows but don't necessarily provide appropriate interface for bigger screen although they work fine.

Gaming apps do open but those which require touch to be played, are quite redundant without a touch monitor. Also the Bluetooth pairing is not so easy to achieve through the DeX. 

The main drawback is the phone’s screen is turned off while using the DeX. That means you can't use your phone while using the DeX. Though Video calls can be received through the monitor but voice calls cannot be performed. Also third party apps is lacking . It is not even suitable for image and video editing. It's not at all a good option for hardcore users or gamers.

Pros of the Samsung DeX

Its good for business purposes and stuffs. Microsoft Office apps like Microsoft Word, Excel and Google G Suite run amazingly on the DeX. 

If you have the app "Citrex Receiver" you can get access to windows apps. Also the great thing about this app is it opens a virtual box running Windows 8.1, thus it gives you a real shorthand desktop experience.

Another thing that caught my eye is the screen mirroring. It allows you to run the S8 on your monitor. It gives you the same look that you see on your phone. You can take selfies and can access apps just like your phone.

And the great thing is your phone doesn't get heated up even a little bit thanks to the the fan built in the DeX's base.

Oh! And you can also charge your S8 and S8 Plus with the DeX.

Cons of the Samsung DeX

Well there is the setting up of the DeX! It is not as simple as placing your Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus into the dock and connecting it to the monitor with a HDMI cable.

If the HDMI cable is not properly inserted the DeX station's video signal and your S8 will continuously beep. But there is no text which warns you why the hell it is beeping!

Also, if you are using peripherals connected via Bluetooth, be sure to set it up before you dock the Samsung Galaxy S8. The reverse procedure won't work. 😟

Also, the phone screen goes black when you dock it, thus disabling you to perform even the simplest of functions via your phone. The keyboard and mouse become your only option then.

The fingerprint sensor still works, provided you can reach it.

Apart from that the USB Type-C cable that accompanies the DeX is very short and may prove to give you endless difficulty in connecting it with some power connection.

Using a Bluetooth mouse with the DeX may be irritating due to its over responsive nature (too fast and jerky). To modify the mouse speed-
  • go to Settings app from the DeX-connected desktop.
  • Select the "Samsung DeX" settings option
  • You can now change the pointer speed as per your wish.

Overall Performance

Although apps may open slightly slower than usual, but multitasking can be done without lagging and is a breeze. A great number of applications can also be run simultaneously with the help of split view, thanks to the 10 mm processor bestowed in the Samsung Galaxy S8 and its larger counterpart. 

The Exynos chip is also even more powerful and gives you super-fast performance even while on the DeX.

So should you buy it?

The answer really depends on you. The DeX helps you do you work a lot faster and also, its price is not much. Its performance is quite superb and the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the perfect match for the DeX. So if you have a Samsung Galaxy S8 or are considering buying one, then the DeX may happen to be a pretty sound choice for you!

Also, Samsung is going to release a new model of Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus having 6 GB RAM and 128 GB, with which the DeX will be available free of cost!

BUY The Samsung Dex in-

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