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Nokia 8 may Launch on June: Snapdragon 835 processor, 23MP camera

Nokia 8 to Launch in June 2017?

Are you ready for the Nokia 8? Well actually it was a rhetorical question! The thing is we got some news regarding it and that's not just limited to its release date!

Nokia 8

According to Pocketnow, a website which covers smartphones, the Nokia 8 is coming up in July 2017. It will also accompany a 23 MegaPixel camera. It is also reported that Nokia 8 will boast a Carl Zeiss lens!

The last part is not a new report actually. Some leaked sketches of the Nokia 8 from the recent past have also hinted, if not confirmed the presence of the Carl Zeiss lens in Nokia's flagship phone - the Nokia 8.

Apart from that Nokia 8 will be powered by a Snapdragon 835 processor and will have models with two storage options of 64 GB and 128 GB and two memory (RAM) options of 4 GB and 6 GB. 

Also, it will have expandable storage by Micro-SD upto 256 GB.

Nothing is quite revolutionary about its specs comprising the RAM, storage except the processor actually. 

However with the continuous increase in the number of phones with Snapdragon 835 like the Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus and the Sony Xperia XZ Premium (Read: Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Sony Xperia XZ Premium), and the upcoming(dubbed) HTC U11, it won't be long before the Snapdragon 835 becomes a common thing among all flagships.

It will also feature a 12 MegaPixel front camera. It is expected to weigh around 130 gram and have a 4000 mAh battery capacity.

Nokia 8 User Interface

Nokia 8 will have Android 7. According to the report, Nokia 8 will give a Vanilla or in other words, pure Android experience. Since, Nokia will not lap any skin on top of Google's Android, it ensures, Nokia users will get the fastest Android updates just as Google rolls them out.

So you will get monthly security updates, quick upgrades to new versions of Android and Google Assistant. All Nokia phones will have the pure Android, including the Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6.

Nokia 8 Display and Price

As I said before, the Nokia 8 is expected to come out in two variants with slightly different specs. The low-end model will have a 5.2 inch QHD (1440 х 2560) AMOLED screen and the top-end one will have a 5.5 inch QHD AMOLED display. 

The Nokia 8 model with 5.2-inch display will cost about 4,000 Yuan (roughly Rs 37,220) and the bigger one will have a price tag of about 4,500 Yuan (roughly 41,873).

Also,the Nokia 8 will support Google's Daydream VR platform.

Do share your thoughts on the Nokia 8!
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