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The Ultimate Gaming PC Build Guide

5 Most Important Factors when Building your Gaming PC Building a Gaming PC is no joke. It costs quite a lot of money. Since a gaming PC is more future proof than a gaming console, it is not just a plug and play affair.  As such you need to do quite a lot of research before you start building your gaming PC such that it fits your budget and gaming pleasure like a hand in a glove.  Therefore to lessen the hardwork on your part, I asked several tech enthusiasts and bloggers to share with me their opinion as to the  5 most important factors, a person should look for when building a gaming PC.   I have also shared my own opinion in the end and finally listed out the 5 factors most voted for, as the most important when building a gaming PC. As such, this post will be all you shall need to build that gaming PC you always dreamt of!

Google's Upcoming Android O: All about it! (Official)

Android O: What's Coming?  In the 2017 I/O developers’ conference, Google talked about the previously announced features in its latest Android release, Android O, talking about the faster, more fluid experiences and improved notification management that it has to offer. What Google did not talk about, was the name given to the new OS. It's still the mysterious Android O, with an available beta that's easier to install and is much stable than the developer preview. Up in this post I am going to review the best features of Android O, discuss the biggest updates since Nougat and cover any issues faced while testing it on the Google Pixel. Without further ado, let's take a look at the features we are most excited about the new mobile OS.

MSI GT83VR Titan SLI Review: Gaming Laptop for the Pro-Gamers

When it comes to high-end portable gaming devices with desktop-crushing performance MSI is the brand most of us now look up to. The GT80 Titan was their boldest move so far, setting the bar for performance and featured a fully mechanical keyboard-a world first on  a gaming laptop, with one of the largest displays available-an 18.4 inch full HD panel. Apparently, it also was the only Broadwell quad-core laptop I tested. It featured two NVIDIA GTX 980M graphics cards in SLI and provided the highest notebook performance we'd ever seen. The GT83VR 7RF Titan SLI is MSI's latest iteration. The GT80 Titan was one of the best notebooks of its time, and it surprised us with its capabilities. Its huge size meant that despite all of the power packed within it, it still ran cool and quiet, even under load. Our expectations are thus high for the GT83VR Titan.  This laptop featured in my list of the top Gaming Laptops (2017 Edition) . But  can the Titan live up to it? Well, you wil

Google Pixel 2: All about the Upcoming Pixel

Google's Upcoming Flagship Phone: The Pixel 2 The Pixel was Google's first internally designed handset, which happened to get a lot of things right. It had an amazing camera, it was the first device to showcase the Android Nougat, and had amazing performance with one of the best battery life you would ever see on a mobile phone. I personally liked its looks very much. The Pixel was however, plagued by a hefty price and had some component trade-offs compared to its high-end Android rivals. It was like an iPhone for the Android ecosystem. Apple's devices usually get significant improvements and refinements on its subsequent sequels, and so I expect the same with Google's iPhone-esque take on Android. Well, the time when we get to see the Google Pixel 2 is surely not far away. So let's see all there is about the Google Pixel 2 out yet including leaks, reports and rumours!

Acer Predator 15 Review: An Affordable, Gaming Powerhouse

Acer Predator 15 In the world of gaming laptops, Acer sure stands out. 2016 it was quite a year for gaming laptops. Several companies launched their laptops and they fared nicely in the gaming world. With the release of Predator 15, Acer has surely locked horns with the lot vying for the centre stage. Acer again reprised predator 15 after its two previous versions – G9-591 and G9-592 which actually scored  pretty well among the gaming hub. Acer with a lot of fan-fare released predator’s current model G9-593. Will the new predator version live up to the legacy of its predecessor in an increasingly crowded marketplace or will it be another failure round the corner? Here are the tit-bits gathered from our test runs on the predator 15 and the inferences that we drew from them. To know our thoughts on the new laptop scroll on gamers!

How iOS is better than Android Phones

Things in Which iOS bests its Android Counterpart iPhone vs Android (or iOS vs Android) has been the biggest rivalry in mobile market since their inception almost a decade ago, eclipsing the desktop wars between Apple and Microsoft, and Apple and IBM. Both of them record amazing sales numbers. Samsung, the leading manufacturer of Android phones, sold 308.5 million handsets in 2016, while other brands such as Huwawei, Xiaomi, Motorola and others added up to the pile. Apple alone is a close second selling a total of 215.5 million iPhones made 80% of the worldwide smartphone profits. That's huge. While Adhip, has done quite a detailed comparison on Android Nougat vs iOS 10 (2017 Edition ) and also has created a similar post on Things Android Phones do Better than iOS iPhones , I thought that a post which showed the "Plus" points of iOS is also necessary! As I use both Android and iOS phones (an iPhone 6S and one OnePlus 3T ), I have found that both these iOS have

Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Can it get even Better?

Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Leaks, Reports and Pretty Much Everything about it ! In late 2016, Samsung had introduced a critically praised smartphone which seemed to do everything right. After a few weeks the phones started catching fire. Samsung recalled and replaced them, but the replaced ones too, started catching fire. Samsung therefore had to stop the production of the Galaxy Note 7.  It was, and even now, one of the best phones ever made, (not considering the battery problem) that you can buy. To me, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was the best looking phone Samsung had ever introduced. Heck, I find its looks even slightly better than the Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus, mainly because of Samsung's decision to omit the signature physical home key in hunt for a "bezel-less Infinity" Display (but that is just my opinion). This time, fans are looking forward to the Note 8, which is not yet released by Samsung and it is code-named  Great. As a pretty big Note fan, I am excited a

Razer Blade Pro Review: Gaming Laptop at its Best

Razer Blade Pro Review: Is it the Best Gaming Laptop of 2017? The Razer Blade Pro is an amazing combination of power and beauty. Top of the line hardware has been fitted into this portable, light weight, thin (0.88 inch chassis) beast to offer premium gaming experience at an affordable price. The Pro has got several models but the one with the price tag of about $3700, lets you game at 4K resolution with the help of Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 with 8 GB of V-RAM and G-Sync for anti screen tearing! And that's just the beginning when it comes to the Razer Blade Pro!

Exynos 8895 vs Apple A10 Fusion: Which is the better Processor?

Exynos 8895 vs A10 Fusion Processor This year and in the previous one we came across two incredible flagship phones - the iPhone 7 and 7+ and the Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus. Both came with powerful chipset  and today I will show you how they compare by putting them through various tests and find which is better.

Samsung Gear VR (2017) Review: How Good is it!

The new Samsung Gear VR? Since its inception the  Samsung Gear VR has been a pretty interesting and amazing piece of kit and with its third iteration in 2017 featured along with the Samsung Galaxy S8, the deal just got better. What would it offer this time around? Lets take a look.

Samsung DeX Review: Let your Phone run your PC!

First of all, what is the Samsung DeX? Samsung DeX is basically a doc for you S8 and S8+ connected to a monitor which enables your phone to turn  into (do the functions of) a true desktop PC. By docking the Galaxy S8 and S8+ into  the DeX Station, your phone will launch a special DeX mode on the  connected external monitor and applications can be opened in multiple  separate windows, just like that in a PC. You can even connect a mouse, or a keyboard and Ethernet cable to increase the  productivity. This is not the first time, a company has manufactured a doc for performing PC functions in a phone, for example Motorolla Lapdock. But while Motorolla has failed utterly, Samsung has not as its latest flagship is more than capable to handle most of the work in a PC. But how far can it push? What are its limits? Well this article has got all the answers and info on the Samsung DeX.

All About the Upcoming OnePlus 5: Latest Edition

OnePlus 5: Launching this Summer  After the huge success of the amazing OnePlus 3 and the OnePlus 3T in 2016, OnePlus has announced yet another release of its amazing flagship this summer, which is just around the corner (in some countries). Named as the "OnePlus 5", the Chinese company has omitted the number "four" due to it being considered in China as a bad luck. With quite a large amount of leaks and rumors about the phone, the hype is clearly building among us. To top it off, a blurry image presumably showing the OnePlus 5 has been leaked! Let's see what the latest "flagship killer" has to offer us now that its release date has been confirmed!

iPhone 8: All that we Know So Far

iPhone 8: Specs, Design, Display and a lot more This year marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, so instead of regular annual upgrades, a big surprise may be waiting for us at the end of 2017. Apple's partnership with AIDs charity is also hitting 10 years. In order for a celebration, the brand new red version of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were launched in March, which received mixed reviews and we may also see this color continuing to Apple's next line-up - the iPhone 8. So what can we possibly expect from the latest and greatest generation of the iPhone? This post delves deep into all the details, leaks and rumors regarding the iPhone 8.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Display: Why it is The Best Phone Display

Samsung Galaxy S8 Display has been rated as BEST Phone Display There are phones which boast displays with 4K resolution and then there is the Samsung Galaxy S8 . It does not have a 4K display. What it does have is however, is a display that produces extremely vibrant, rich and vivid colors. Its display blows away all the other phone displays on the market. And NO!  it is not a new phone gimmick! Its display has been rated by DisplayMate Technologies, to have the best phone display.  This infographic will help show you the true wonder that the Samsung Galaxy S8 display gives and show you that there are no doubts that it is the Best Phone Display out yet.

Nokia 8 may Launch on June: Snapdragon 835 processor, 23MP camera

Nokia 8 to Launch in June 2017? Are you ready for the Nokia 8? Well actually it was a rhetorical question! The thing is we got some news regarding it and that's not just limited to its release date! According to Pocketnow, a website which covers smartphones, the Nokia 8 is coming up in July 2017. It will also accompany a 23 MegaPixel camera. It is also reported that Nokia 8 will boast a Carl Zeiss lens! The last part is not a new report actually. Some leaked sketches of the Nokia 8 from the recent past have also hinted, if not confirmed the presence of the  Carl Zeiss lens in Nokia's flagship phone - the Nokia 8. Apart from that Nokia 8 will be powered by a Snapdragon 835 processor and will have models with two storage options of 64 GB and 128 GB and two memory (RAM) options of 4 GB and 6 GB.  Also, it will have expandable storage by Micro-SD upto 256 GB. Nothing is quite revolutionary about its specs comprising the RAM, storage except the processor ac