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AI-Powered Flagship "Essential" Smartphone by Android Co-Founder Andy Rubin

AI-Powered Smartphone by Andy Rubin may be a Game Changer

AI-Powered Smartphone by Andy Rubin

Andy Rubin, the co-founder of Android, has now re-entered the smartphone market. He left Google in 2014 and set up his own company called "Essential". His company will produce Smartphones, Tablets, Operating Software for Mobile Phones. 

However what's most interesting is the smartphone part. His company comprising about 40 people, a good number of which are ex-Google, ex-Apple workers are working on a phone which apart from boasting high-end hardware, will also be powered by AI, which according to him is the near future and the next big change in technology.

The phone is still a prototype and is called (till the time it will remain in prototype) as Essential FIH-PM1. There is no official statement regarding when it will be released.

Design of Essential FIH-PM1 AI-Powered Smartphone

AI-Powered Smartphone by Andy Rubin

The phone screen size is larger than that of the iPhone 7 Plus but the footprint is smaller because it will not have any bezel. Experiment is ongoing so as to enable the phone's screen to feel different levels of pressure like that in the iPhone 7. 

Also, the phone may have metal edges with a ceramic back though it still being experimented as this design may be more difficult to manufacture than typical smartphone materials.

A proprietary connector is being developed by Essential engineers that will apart from charging the phone will also let the phone's hardware and functionality to be increased. 

According to the recent first look on the phone by Essential (top-most image), we can see that there is almost no bezel on the phone. There is also a speaker cut-out on the top and a button on its side.

The phone will also feature a magnetic connector which will allow third parties to add features for the phone.

The phone will have a sphere shaped camera with which you can take 360° high quality shots.

Performance of Essential's Upcoming Coming Phone

According to leaks, the phone will be powered by a Snapdragon 835 octacore-processor clocked at 1.9 GHz and have 4 GB of RAM similar to Nokia 8. Here is a concise benchmark from Geekbench.

Geekbench Essential FIH-PM1 leaked benchmark
The Benchmarks are impressive but will it be enough to take on iPhone 7?

This is the detailed benchmarks of the Essential FIH-PM1 taken from Geekbench

Single-Core Performance

AES 1129
870.8 MB/sec
LZMA 1715
2.68 MB/sec
JPEG 1786
14.4 Mpixels/sec
Canny 1471
20.4 Mpixels/sec
Lua 1569
1.61 MB/sec
Dijkstra 1931
1.31 MTE/sec
SQLite 1698
47.1 Krows/sec
HTML5 Parse 1401
6.36 MB/sec
HTML5 DOM 2136
1.94 MElements/sec
Histogram Equalization 1290
40.3 Mpixels/sec
PDF Rendering 1226
32.6 Mpixels/sec
LLVM 2455
168.9 functions/sec
Camera 1636
4.54 images/sec
10.9 Gflops
SFFT 1087
2.71 Gflops
N-Body Physics 1102
823.1 Kpairs/sec
Ray Tracing 1475
215.4 Kpixels/sec
Rigid Body Physics 1964
5751.4 FPS
HDR 1821
6.60 Mpixels/sec
Gaussian Blur 1164
20.4 Mpixels/sec
Speech Recognition 1565
13.4 Words/sec
Face Detection 1717
501.6 Ksubwindows/sec
Memory Copy 1672
4.63 GB/sec
Memory Latency 6005
13.9 Moperations/sec
Memory Bandwidth 3453
18.4 GB/sec

Multi-Core Performance

AES 5548
4.18 GB/sec
LZMA 7784
12.2 MB/sec
JPEG 8767
70.5 Mpixels/sec
Canny 6901
95.7 Mpixels/sec
Lua 7163
7.36 MB/sec
Dijkstra 6719
4.55 MTE/sec
SQLite 6871
190.5 Krows/sec
HTML5 Parse 6181
28.1 MB/sec
HTML5 DOM 3500
3.17 MElements/sec
Histogram Equalization 6136
191.8 Mpixels/sec
PDF Rendering 5560
147.7 Mpixels/sec
LLVM 6340
436.0 functions/sec
Camera 7455
20.7 images/sec
SGEMM 1898
40.1 Gflops
SFFT 5021
12.5 Gflops
N-Body Physics 4717
3.52 Mpairs/sec
Ray Tracing 5761
841.3 Kpixels/sec
Rigid Body Physics 8390
24561.9 FPS
HDR 7721
28.0 Mpixels/sec
Gaussian Blur 4599
80.6 Mpixels/sec
Speech Recognition 4738
40.5 Words/sec
Face Detection 7488
2.19 Msubwindows/sec
Memory Copy 2431
6.74 GB/sec
Memory Latency 5500
12.7 Moperations/sec
Memory Bandwidth 2910
15.5 GB/sec

The smartphone may feature Android Nougat 7.1.1 as confirmed by Andy Rubin.

However it is not known how the AI will be fused to work with this smartphone. Still, this is the man who created the software used by 80% of phones worldwide (which is quite impressive!) so we do expect something really good. 

Some Final thoughts on the AI powered phone

A phone needs to have really top-of-the-line hardware including camera, easy-to-use bloatware-free software with a gorgeous UI and a great design to be considered a flagship.

The information out till now is not sufficient to know for sure whether this innovative AI fused phone will be better than iPhone 7 or Google Pixel but we can somewhat speculate.

Though the hardware is decent, whether it can topple Apple's iPhone in terms of performance is doubtful as iPhone's A10 processor is currently the most powerful smartphone chip in the world. 

While most phone processors are focused on increasing clock speed, which is the main attraction for most when buying a high-end smartphone, the iPhone reduces the latency and fires away the bandwidth with its dual-core A10 fusion chip putting most quad and octa-core processors to shame. As for the best speed comparison that we can do right now, iPhone 7 scores 3450 in single core and 5630 in multi-core Geekbench 4.0.3 test while the Essential AI flagship's benchmarks are given above.

The AI-powered Essential FIH-PM1 by Andy Rubin is expected to be released middle of this year and it will be priced in the range of that of an iPhone(649$).

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