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AI-Powered Flagship "Essential" Smartphone by Android Co-Founder Andy Rubin

AI-Powered Smartphone by Andy Rubin may be a Game Changer Andy Rubin, the co-founder of Android, has now re-entered the smartphone market. He left Google in 2014 and set up his own company called "Essential". His company will produce Smartphones, Tablets, Operating Software for Mobile Phones.  However what's most interesting is the smartphone part. His company comprising about 40 people, a good number of which are ex-Google, ex-Apple workers are working on a phone which apart from boasting high-end hardware, will also be powered by AI, which according to him is the near future and the next big change in technology. The phone is still a prototype and is called (till the time it will remain in prototype) as Essential FIH-PM1. There is no official statement regarding when it will be released.

Bixby : Samsung's New Digital Assistant

Samsung's New AI Assistant called Bixby While the days of Samsung's S Voice has come to a complete and definite end now, Samsung has made a completely new Digital Assistant called Bixby, integrated and released with its Samsung Galaxy S8.  The digital assistant is quite new right now. While it is integrated and works amazingly with Samsung apps, only a handful of third-party apps like Uber and YouTube support it right now. Truth be told, this AI, seems to have incredible potential, closely resembling and possibly surpassing Google Assistant's AI's learning prowess.  Packed with innovative features, check out Samsung's new innovation in the field of Digital Assistants, in this post on Bixby: Samsung S8's Trump Card.