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Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung recently captured the throne of feature phones dethroning its arch rival Apple's Iphone 6 and Iphone 7 with its Samsung Galaxy S7 (READ: Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Iphone 7). Soon after that Samsung released another S7 model known as the S7 edge. Let's see what is the difference between them and which is a better phone and which is right for you.

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs S7 Edge

Powerful, gorgeous and elite - These smartphones are the best smartphones out in 2016. In this comparison we put both head to head. Samsung Galaxy S7 vs S7 Edge.
Got too little time? Watch a video comparison-

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs S7 Edge: Design

Delicious to look at and amazing to feel

Samsung has proceeded with the outline of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge for its two latest flagships. And they have been quite successful in creating two amazing smartphones with finely etched metal edges and smooth glass back spreads which has taken the top position of flagship smartphones within a really short span of time. 

Talking about the back, Samsung has adjusted the back of both of these gadgets, making them more adjusted and more agreeable to hold. It likewise implies that the camera focal point doesn't stand out to such an extent. This year the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is really a greater gadget than the Galaxy S7, however not by as much as you may think. It's marginally taller and more extensive, and it's an insignificant 5 gram heavier. In any case, the Galaxy S7 is really 2 mm thicker. 

Unmistakably, the greatest contrast between the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are those surprising sides. The Edges, of the S7 Edge, are beautiful to take a gander at, as well as they hold some clever little elements as well.


You can swipe into access your most loved contacts, put as often as possible utilized applications and alternate ways, yet now Samsung hosts included third-get-together application bolster so engineers can manufacture their own particular boards for the S7 Edge User experience.  

Still, the Edge sides are substantially more about the style than substance. They unquestionably give the Galaxy 7 Edge an Edge over the plain S7 in design.

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs S7 Edge Performance

In the wake of betting everything with its own Exynos chip a year ago, Samsung has come back to two different CPU offering in the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Most regions - including India - are getting the new Exynos 8890, while America is getting the Snapdragon 820. Both of them also features 4GB ram and Adreno 530/Mali-T880 MP12 Graphics Card. 

In actual, utilisation, both are extremely quick, with a decent 30 percent help in CPU execution and 64 percent in GPU execution over the Exynos 7. The Exynos 8890 appears to have the edge with regards to multicore benchmarks, while the Snapdragon 820 has the single-centre boasting rights. 

In GeekBench 3, the S7 grabs a multicore score of 6,307 and the S7 Edge 6,669. In Single core they scored are 2,100 and 2,197 individually. In AnTuTu, they both score 128,468. This testing was finished with the Exynos 8890 rendition. 

The essential thing to note is that both mobiles share precisely the same and 4 GB of RAM , and both are among the quickest mobiles accessible today. 

Image result for samsung galaxy s7 vs s7 edge components

Truth be told, the main thing that truly falters here is the odd application and User Interface component, and that is down to Samsung's graceless TouchWiz User Interface. Be that as it may, both of these mobiles have precisely the same components.

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs S7 Edge: Camera

Amazingly Clear, Detailed Images, Both The S7 And S7 Edge have the Best Cameras

Both the phones have the same camera - COMPLETELY. Samsung has lessened the resolution number from 16-megapixels to 12-megapixels for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge cameras, however the sensor itself is the same size as before - 1/2.6". This permits the pixels to be bigger - a truly robust 1.4 micro-meter. Greater pixels implies all the more light and better low-light execution - something that is helped by a splendid f/1.7 focal point. 

Both cameras likewise advantage from Dual Pixel innovation, which implies that focusing speed is among the speediest of any cell phone. Once more, both cameras indistinguishable, which implies that both take a portion of the best photos of any mobile phone out yet.

Image result for samsung galaxy s7 camera

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs S7 Edge: Battery

Both the S7 and S7 Edge have greatly enhanced batteries, yet inferable from the Edge being a bigger mobile phone it has more space for an even bigger cell. The S7 Edge has a bigger display which sucks on more battery power but its 3600 mAh battery more than makes up for it. The S7 with its 3000 mAh battery is still completely sufficient for a regular everyday use. Add to it both have fast charge feature, so a quick battery recharge will be not at all time consuming.

In this way, in the event that you need a bigger battery pack, go for the S7 Edge. 

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs S7 Edge: Display

Image result for samsung galaxy s7 display wallpaper
The S7 offers a superb display unmatched by any other phone except the S7 Edge

The S7 has a screen size of 5.1 inch while the S7 Edge has 5.5 inch screen size. The screen resolution on the two is the same, however. Both are quad-HD, so the littler S7 really has a more pixel-thick display(the difference is quite unnoticeable). Still, both have amazing displays – with splendid, crystal-clear and exact colours. Because of the fact that they're Super Amoled they don't experience the ill effects of over-immersion, because of Samsung's inconceivably enhanced innovation.

Image result for samsung galaxy s7 display games

Samsung Galaxy S7 VS S7 Edge: Who wins?

Both the smartphones have the same specifications, with just a little here and there. On the off chance that you use your phone quite heavily, then probably you should opt for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. For a great many people, however, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is the one to settle on as it comes at a lower price than the S7 edge.

Got some more info, questions or suggestions? Hook it up in the comments.


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