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Best RAMs for PC

Best RAMs ( R andom A ccess M emory) For PC RAM (Random Access Memory) is a special form of computer data storage, which stores regularly used program instructions so as to quicken the speed at which the PC performs. Here is a list of the Best RAM that is out yet for sale.

Best Laptops of 2017

    Best Laptops of 2017 The best Laptops of 2017, for all your needs. Best Laptops 2017 With the huge sales of smartphones, tablets and the Ipad, analysts expected the days of PC and laptops to be numbered. However, as we can see, that isn't true as buyers need more and more powerful devices each passing day. Be it design, that you care about, or just sheer performance, or maybe the OS (Windows/ iOS/ ChromeOS), here is a list of the Best Laptops 2017 has brought!

OnePlus 3T Review : The Best Just Got Better

OnePlus 3T  Review of the Best Smartphone Yes! The best just got better! OnePlus, a Chinese firm, took the smartphone market by storm when it started producing high end smartphones with a very nominal price tag. It literally shook the contemporary flagships of 2016, with its OnePlus 3 smartphone. Packed with high end specs, OnePlus succeeded in producing a phone that offered better performance than several flagships at about half their price. Well not for long!

How to Fix a Water damaged Phone

How to save your phone from water damage Steps to fix the water damaged phone Has your phone gotten wet? Is it not functioning properly after the contact with water? Follow the following steps immediately to save it from water damage.

Google Pixel vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Which Phone Is Best?

Google Pixel vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Comparison It is 2016 and this year witnessed just so many flagship smartphones. Also, Samsung with its latest flagship- the Galaxy S7 stole the flagship crown from Apple's Iphone 7. Truth be told, Samsung Galaxy S7 is the best smartphone we have seen this year but can Google Pixel topple the charts? Google Pixel vs Samsung Galaxy S7-  Find out in this comprehensive comparison of Google Pixel vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Which Phone is best!

Best iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Gadgets and Accessories

Best iPhone 7 Gadgets and Accessories available in India iPhone 7-  the most awaited phone for die-hard IOS users is out. If you have or are planning to get an iPhone 7, following is a list of the best iPhone 7 accessories you can get in India. iPhones always have provided quite amazing accessories and gadgets. We have just chosen the best ones available in India for iPhone 7.

Google Pixel vs iPhone 7: Best Comparison

Google Pixel vs iPhone 7 The iPhone 7 and Google Pixel- two premier brands fight it out with their flagship phones.  Google Pixel vs iPhone 7:   Which one of these flagships is best? Which one is worth your money? Let's take a look. 

OnePlus 3 Review

OnePlus 3 - The Flagship killer Review ! OnePlus 3 is the 3rd smartphone released by the 2 year old Chinese company known as OnePlus! Termed by the company as a flagship smartphone killer, does it really hold onto its name as a flagship killer or is it all just a hype? Read on to find out.

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs OnePlus 3

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs OnePlus 3 2016 saw a LOT of crazy things.. From Apple's Iphone losing the smartphone crown, to Samsung taking the "Rethink what a phone can do" moto a little to literally in its Note 7.  Along with that the Chinese firm OnePlus released the OnePlus 3, the flagship killer,  a phone which at quite a low price gives most flagships, about double the price, a run for its money. Packed with superb specs OnePlus 3 is heads above several flagships released, But can it challenge Samsung's flagship- The Galaxy S7? Or can it even displace the S7 as the better choice among the two?

iOS 10 vs Android Nougat: Which is the Real King?

iOS 10 vs Android Nougat: An In-Depth Analysis: Which OS is better (Updated on April 1, 2017) Deciding which phone to go for, is based on specs, design and Operating System , the latter being no less important than the former. A poor User Interface (UI), filled with bloatware and little to no innovative features can ruin your phone experience, thus forcing you to buy a new phone no matter how amazing your phone specs are!   The OS of your phone is therefore quite an important determinant on your phone's performance. iOS vs Android; this war has been going on for quite a long time. Here I put an end to iOS 10 vs Nougat debate. I going to show you all  the strengths, weaknesses of both these OS, analyzing them in several fields in extreme depth, so that you can have no doubts over the winner and/or which one is best for you.

Xbox One S vs PS4 Slim

W hich is best for you and which one should you buy? In spite of the fact that these new increments to the Xbox and PlayStation console families aren't precisely notable, they speak to incredible worth for anybody hoping to buy their first "cutting edge" gaming framework. In case you're thinking about including one of these gaming platforms to your diversion focus at home, read on to discover which console we think merits your well deserved cash.

PS4 vs Xbox One: Which one is the Better Option?

Which one should You buy?  Which one is better? Xbox one and PlayStation 4 are among the two best gaming platforms released by Microsoft and Sony. Of course Xbox One S , PlayStation 4 Slim and the PS4 Pro have been released but then these consoles have got quite a price cut (PS4 is now Half the price it originally was). And in this article we are going to put them head to head.

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung recently captured the throne of feature phones dethroning its arch rival Apple's Iphone 6 and Iphone 7 with its Samsung Galaxy S7 ( READ: Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Iphone 7 ). Soon after that Samsung released another S7 model known as the S7 edge. Let's see what is the difference between them and which is a better phone and which is right for you.

Best Phones In the world 2017

2017 has marked several changes and new phones in the smartphone industry. Apple's iPhone, the king of mobile phone market has been dethroned by Samsung with its Galaxy S series and stiff competition has been in place by Google Pixel and Sony Xperia XZ. The following is the list of the best smartphones in the world available for sale RIGHT NOW. As buying a flagship phone is a rather costly affair, this post is kept updated regularly so that you don't fall into a wrong choice!

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 7

  Samsung Galaxy S7 VS iPhone 7   Its 2016 and it has brought the biggest ever flagship smart phone  battle in the world- Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 7. Samsung which with its galaxy S7 had stolen the smartphone supremacy crown from Apple met its match in the iPhone 7 released quite recently. Here we shall compare the phones under several categories and show you which phone is best and why.

Best Smartphones under Rs 20000

        Looking for an average budget Smartphone, say around Rs 20000? Well look no more.. We have got you covered in this list of best smartphones under that price tag!